The Secret To Happiness Is…

The secret of happiness is, find something more important than you are [and] dedicate your life to it.  – Daniel Dennett

a secret

When we find passion in something that’s greater than us several things will start happening:

1) We’ll need help from others, it’s unlikely that we can land the vision all by ourselves

2) God and his angels will jump in to help us because our effort will likely benefit humanity at large

3) We won’t be focused on self. Selfless behavior produces happiness

4) We will live joyous lives because we’ll be making others’ lives better


I AM focused on ideas that help others. I work on that which is greater than I. It’s all about others. I serve the great Spirit and am open to its guidance. I imagine a world where we’re all serving others. I imagine a world that’s rapidly transforming because of the force of love. I imagine a joyful planet in the near future…

Recommendation: The Center Within by Fred Harris

The Center Within: Lessons from Heart of the Urantia RevelationKindle Paperwhite, 6