The Secret ‘Formula’ To Being Happy

You can be happy if you know this secret: Some things are within your power to control and some things are not. Epictetus

what we can’t control

Even things under our control can be cause for dissatisfaction and unhappiness. For example we might want to make breakfast and end up spilling egg on the floor. That could be cause for frustration, especially if we’re running out of time in the morning. Even things under our apparent control sometimes spin out of control. 

what we can control

What we can control is our perspective, our attitude and our reaction to an event. I learnt from Jack Canfield many moons ago the following equation:

O (outcome) = E (event) * R (reaction)

The outcome (happiness) is the result of an event that occurs and our reaction to it. We control our reaction to any life event, situation or relationship. When things appear out of control, we ought to slow down, collect our full being, ask for input from Universal Intelligence and then decide on our reaction to the event.

Daily Affirmation: Today I control my reactions to events.

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