The Power Of Visualization

Man can only receive what he sees himself receiving.  – Florence Scovel Shinn


God thought this world into existence. He endowed us with a similar ability that impacts our domain. Our thoughts may be keeping us away from what we truly need. Here’s an excerpt from an actual study done on visualization, reference:

Dr. Blaslotto’s study was conducted by asking a group of students who had been randomly selected to take a series of [basketball] free-throws. The percentage of made free throws were tallied. The students were then divided into three groups and asked to perform three separate tasks over a 30 day period.

The first group was told not to touch a basketball for 30 days, no practicing or playing basketball whatsoever.

The second group was told to practice shooting free throws for a half hour a day for 30 days.

The third group was to come to the gym every day for 30 days and spend a half hour with their eyes closed, simply visualizing hitting every free-throw.

After the 30 days all three groups were asked to come back and take the same number of free-throws they had in the beginning of the study.

The first group of students who did not practice at all showed no improvement.

The second group had practiced every day and showed a 24% improvement.

The third group however, the group which had simply visualized successful free-throws, showed a 23% improvement.

visualization =  reality

Such is the power of visualization, it can help change us while helping create the future we desire! In the above study the students were able to create new neural pathways just by visualizing the basketball free-throw, that’s how powerful it is!

In our change journey visualization is a very important tool, I recommend Shakti’s books on this topic.

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM seeing what I will be…

Recommendation: Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain

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