The New Religion

Teacher, let’s you and I make a new religion, one good enough for India and big enough for Rome … – Ganid to Jesus (The Urantia Papers)


According to the Urantia Papers Jesus spent many months with a couple of visitors from India during his ministry around the middle-east, much before his crucifixion. Ganid the son of an Indian trader, got quite close to Jesus. It’s an account worth reading here!

the new religion

Here’s my take on the tenets of the ‘new religion’ that’s 2000 years old. It’s still ‘new’ because no large group of people has ever practiced it in its pure form. If we did, the world would change. It’s a religion that requires no earthly authority. It’s all between you and God.

  1. God is within you: Tap into that presence via meditation and prayer. Reflect on what this truly means. The God of this whole creation, resides within and shares your life with you! You are very valuable.
  2. God is within everyone else: Treat everyone accordingly. God is the common thread between all of us. That makes us all brothers and sisters. How can this truth guide us daily?
  3. Love is the answer: Relationships are of utmost importance. Anytime you don’t know what to do, ask ‘What will love do in this situation’? Anytime you don’t know how to be, be love. Focus on the right goals in life.

Daily Affirmation: Today I move in God’s presence, I see and acknowledge God in everyone.

Recommendation: God Is Closer Than You Think by John Ortberg

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