The Most Important Thing!

… it is only the feeling of vulnerability that ever puts you into a vibrational harmony with that which you fear. When you realize that by working to achieve your feeling of Well-being, it is then impossible for you to ever rendezvous with anything other than Well-being — that is the only place that freedom will ever be. Abraham

joy = freedom

We must rejoice! We must appreciate all that we have and are. By doing that we’re achieving the most important thing. Why is that?


When we move in joy we’re at a very high emotional/thought level. From that place we will have the best:

  • Relationships because we don’t demand anything from anyone else. And to stay joyous we must be selfless and helpful.
  • Health because a joyous person attracts the best health possible.
  • Life in general because nothing but goodness will come our way!

When unsavory events do cross our paths, we’ll be well prepared to deal with them. How’s that possible?

To be ever joyous we have be unafraid, we have to realize that we live in a very friendly universe and know that an intelligence far greater than us is looking after us!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM joy and love!

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The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of AbrahamKindle Fire, Full Color 7