The Holodeck Perspective…

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?Robert Schuller


  • Quit your job? And start living the life of your dreams?
  • Confess love to those you’ve always loved?
  • Never have fear about anything again?
  • Be happy?
  • Travel?

you never do fail

From one standpoint you never do fail, even when you think you do. I call this the Holodeck Perspective. In Star Trek the Holodeck was a large room where the computer created a virtual reality based on your request. The simulation was so real that you could actually forget that you were living that simulation. Life is like that. In an ultimate way, we’re always safe, we feel the pain and the gain right now, but nothing we do on this planet can eternally harm us…

Once we remind ourselves that this is a Holodeck experience (even though our relationships and experiences are real); we need not be afraid of failure; we need not be afraid of anything or anyone!

Daily Affirmation: I am eternally safe today to pursue my dreams. I will handle all that life throws at me.

Recommendation: The Essential Laws of Fearless Living by Guy Finley

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