Daily Adventure

Adventure isn’t hanging on a rope off the side of a mountain. Adventure is an attitude that we must apply…John Amatt

always seeking adventure

We’re born seeking adventure. Adventure springs from our curious nature. We’re curious as babies because we want to poke our fingers into everything. Slowly we tend to lose our innocent curiosity and our spirit of adventure transforms itself into the desire to acquire. We want to acquire new things, relationships and experiences because we seek that which is new or that which is different, what we seek is adventure.

an adventure POV (point-of-view)

How can we stay interested in daily life? It can only be done if we view each day, our normally mundane day, as a brand new one! That’s when our ‘adventure POV’ can kick in, and we can enjoy life fully. We seek adventure, keep that in mind, as you pursue your day. How does your attitude, your way of looking, help you embrace adventure?

Daily Affirmation: I am adventure. Today I see life creatively, I enjoy every moment.

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