The Core Within

Hear from the heart wordless mysteries!

Understand what cannot be understood!

In man’s stone-dark heart there burns a fire

That burns all veils to their root and foundation.

When the veils are burned away, the heart will understand completely…

Ancient Love will unfold ever-fresh forms

In the heart of the Spirit, in the core of the heart.Rumi

deep connection

Through the heart can one know that which is worth knowing. If we notice we’re almost always in our heads. Thinking and analyzing. Bring your attention down to the heart; now operate from there. When you converse with another, talk heart-to-heart, connect.

uncovering that which is

There’s something far more meaningful to be found when we operate from the heart. We’re able to make a soul connection. With ourselves and with others. There flows just underneath the surface, a loving intelligence, one which seeks to connect us all, let’s participate.

Daily Affirmation: I am my heart. I act in love and I connect deep.

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