The bell tolls for thee…

Never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.John Donne

John Donne wrote this in the 17th century probably referring to the church bells that tolled during a funeral. We can make a lot of this beautiful quote.

Life is passing us by:

Don’t lose another moment to indecision, hate, callousness or despair. You never know when the bells might toll for you. Wake up, realize the power that resides inside you, claim it, smile and march into the day, you can take it on like a true child of the universe. Nothing holds you back, except you yourself.

The meaning in life:

The meaning we find in life is our own work; it involves our unique interpretation of what’s going on. When anything happens it’s up to us what we make of it. Watch yourself as you create your inner universe, be aware of how you paint an event or happenstance. You create your life each moment. When the bells toll; you decide what that means to you.

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