¿Quién Soy Yo or Qui Suis-je?

Who am I?Neale Donald Walsch

fundamental questions!

Neale calls them the 3 persistent questions and the 4 fundamental questions of life! Here’s the first fundamental question that we ought to ask self…

who am i?

This question can generate numerous multi-faceted enquiries and possible answers. We may ask from the perspective of biology, sociology, religion, philosophy, country, race, family and the universe! But ask we must. It’s essential that we gain some understanding of how we view self because that will guide how we view others and therefore our relationships with them and the world.

There’s also the question of the little ‘i’ and the big ‘I’. The question can be asked iteratively and through-out our lives! It’s not a question that can ever fully be answered either!

Daily Affirmation: Today I ponder ‘Who AM I’?

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