Peace comes when…

Peace comes from feelings of satisfaction when working with joy, living with hope, loving with abandonment.Arnold Hutschnecker

What do we seek?

Ultimately we all want to feel peace and joy! That can only happen when we:

  • Have great satisfying relationships.
  • Meaningful work that quenches the thirst of our inner-most self.
  • Have an ongoing longer term approach to be useful and of service to others.

These 3 components are essential.

Next Steps:

  1. How can we be more complete in our relationships? How can we expect less, give and love more?
  2. What’s our Life Purpose? What’s our calling?
  3. How can we be of value to others?

Lot’s to ponder; life is good, life is meaningful!

Recommendation: The Secret of Letting Go by Guy Finley

The Secret of Letting Go