Peace Beyond Understanding!

The peace of Jesus is, then, the peace and assurance of a son who fully believes that his career for time and eternity is safely and wholly in the care and keeping of an all-wise, all-loving, and all-powerful spirit Father.The Urantia Papers

the real secret

The real secret to life is to attain ‘the peace that passeth all understanding’. Such a peace cannot be found by chasing our desires. It cannot be found through meditation alone. It certainly cannot be found in other earthly pursuits. But such a peace is possible amidst all that we do undertake, all that we do experience, and in all that we are. It’s a state of mind.

peace at last

As humans what we really seek is true safety, love and peace. If we’re at peace, all is well in our life. It means we’re happy with our circumstances, our relationships, and we’re not clamoring and suffering for anything. Such a peaceful state is within our grasp. It comes not from achieving such a state first but from having faith in a benevolent creator (or order) first. We must believe that such a force has full control over its creation and that there’s an intelligence and wisdom that proceeds from it that cossets us in love and understanding. We’re ultimately safe, nothing or no one can harm us and we are loved more than we can know. Believe and rejoice!!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM safe, I AM loved and I AM peaceful.

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