Love me, now!

Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it.Swedish Proverb

When you’re irritated

Or angry at someone, it’s often because they’re being irritable and not nice. When that happens they’re playing out what they might be going through! What should you do?

How to be, instead

We can stay irritable and denounce the person who seems to be causing this feeling in us. Or we could truly try to understand them and be in their shoes for a little bit. When we wear that cap of understanding our best effort at that moment must be an act of love. Pure loving understanding is the call of the moment. You know what that does? That instantly heals the resentment that’s inside us, love does that, and begins to heal the person we’re interacting with. It also heals and makes whole the relationship you have with that person.

Love heals me, it heals you and all around us. Be that love.

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