How Will You Know What You Want?

Most people are so busy knocking themselves out trying to do everything they think they should, they never get around to do what they want to do.Kathleen Winsor


We all are doing too much, daily. If we won’t stop and listen to our heart, to the divine calling, awaken to our real purpose in life, we will end up being resentful old people! We don’t want that do we?


Where and when do you get your best ideas?

I get mine while in the shower, when shaving or meditating! Archimedes got his in the tub. Churchill on the pot! It’s when we’re truly ‘being’ that we receive a lot of inspiration. And that’s the key, to sprinkle ‘being’ moments through-out our day. That’s the way to stay connected to ‘source’. We will then know what to stop doing and what to do next instead of having no real clue. The following is advice I gave to a coaching client, I try and live the same advice:

Every hour, if you can, just stop for a few minutes. Sit. Breathe deeply. Know that the divine is with you, where you are, at that moment. Ask for help and get going again….

Daily Affirmation: Today I stop, breathe, connect, then go.

Recommendation: True Purpose by Tim Kelley

True Purpose: 12 Strategies for Discovering the Difference You Are Meant to MakeKnow Your Purpose Through MeditationKindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6