How We Declare War!

Just don’t love war anymore. You’re all engaged in it, and you know what warfare is. It’s attacking, it’s an attempt to hurt, injure and kill, and it’s getting wounded in return. You are engaged in violent inner warfare.Vernon Howard


It’s war, pretty much all the time. We fight through the day. We fight life. We struggle. We fight to be heard. We engage in war when others don’t understand. We hurt others when they hurt us. Even when we stop interacting and employ emotional blackmail, it’s war. We’re always fighting. How can we stop? Let’s let go and flow with life, trusting that Universal Intelligence is taking care of everything, and us!


I AM throwing down arms today. I will let God manage my life and my relationships. I AM showing up in love. I will flow through life today and accept all that happens in my stride.

Recommendation: The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power by Vernon Howard

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