How To Understand What Is…

…to understand what is, one must observe what one thinks, feels and does from moment to moment.  – Krishnamurti

what is…

We’re babies in the Universe. We found ourselves born on this planet, surrounded by a variety of people, thoughts, attitudes, mores and more. Essentially we have to make sense of our place in this reality. We are conditioned, biased and generally not super capable of figuring it all out. So what should we do?

The first and main step is that of becoming more aware. More aware of self, reactions, attitudes, tendencies, drivers, intentions and purposes. Once we understand our proclivities and actions better we’ll be on our way. The Universe rewards awareness and curiosity. We can define the questions that must be asked as we increase our awareness. The two combined, will yield most of the answers we seek!

awareness + curiosity = understanding


Today I AM observing. I AM observing self, my thoughts and attitudes. I notice that I notice. I notice others, their attitudes and actions. I notice when my awareness results in my acting differently. I pay special attention to my biases and how they influence my life and actions. I AM slowly awakening and truly appreciate Life!

Recommendation: The Awakening of Intelligence by Krishnamurti

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