How To Grow Spiritually…

Think of yourself as if you were the only un-enlightened person in the world. Everyone else is your teacher, doing what is right to help you acquire consummate peace of mind, consummate wisdom, consummate compassion.The Buddha


Life’s experiences, which consists of dealing with and relating to other individuals, are the big teachers. Let’s consider everyone around us as being the perfect people for our own best development. Let us regard each person as being the ‘enlightened’ one and each encounter as holy. Then, not only do we learn what we need to learn most, we can appreciate how others add to our lives even when they’re irritating!

peace, wisdom & compassion

If we have peace of mind, we’re happy and in a great place to learn from life and others. From that comes wisdom, which allows us to make the right choices not just in action but also in thought. Add to this a compassionate outlook, where we think of serving others before serving self, and it makes for a recipe for an amazing life! This recipe guarantees happiness and wonderful relationships! Do we need anything else?

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM a learner!

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by Shakti Gawain

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