How To Be Original!

It is the never-ceasing questioning of things as they are which makes us original authors.Vernon Howard


Are we living a programmed life? Do we react the same way every time? Do we act predictably when our emotional buttons are pushed? How are we machine-like rather than human?

be original!

We can reclaim our originality by becoming more aware. We can recognize when we’re attempting to control others by throwing a tantrum; or when we’re being controlled by others who can’t handle the way we think or the way we are. By stopping and questioning what’s going on, by attempting to understand what’s ‘real’ and by being bold enough to act as necessary we’re being ‘original’. We unleash our creative self and we stop living hypnotic lives…


Daily Affirmation: Today I AM  paying attention to what’s really going on!

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The Mystic Path to Cosmic PowerKindle Fire, Full Color 7