How To Attain Any Quality…

If you want a quality, act as if you already had it. Try the ‘as if’ technique.William James

as if

Making self believe that we can do or achieve something is to win more than half the battle. In psychology this method has been studied and ratified. If we feel depressed, make the face of a happy person, start smiling and try to act as though things are just fine. We’ll feel better.

The reverse works too. How many times have we been pulled down by how others behave? Or by focusing on the negative, how often have we landed in a soup? Thoughts do make things, believe it, act on it, and consequently manifest this belief system!


Today I act like a child of God. A child who’s happy and fulfilled. Someone who get’s what’s good for him. Who’s life goes in the right direction with the necessary learning mixed in. I believe in the ‘as if’ technique and will today walk the planet ‘as if’ I know where I AM going and ‘as if’ I AM always loved and gently guided along…

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