How The Self Flowers…

As surely as the beauty and fragrance of summer’s first rose waits in the silence of her still dormant seed, within me sleeps the eternal flowering of (what) I am.Guy Finley


Just like a physical garden we must cultivate and irrigate the inner patch. We do that by staying more in the present and by developing the stillness muscle. Just 5 minutes, twice a day allows us to connect to the center within. With regularity that connection grows stronger and stronger until it bleeds over into most of the day.

i am

A sense of peace emerges. We naturally fall in love with life and with everyone we meet. We now tend to see beyond self. We feel that there’s more than our selfish life. We want to know how to connect to a ‘noble cause’, we feel desirous of discovering our ‘life purpose’. We now understand that the ‘more’ that we’ve been seeking in the past is spiritual in nature and involves the well-being of society. Conscious life now truly begins.

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM ready for more!

Recommendation: The Secret of Letting Go by Guy Finley

The Secret of Letting GoKindle Fire, Full Color 7