How Good Is Our Life?

As in a story, so is life. Not how long it is, but how good it is. That is what matters. William Butler Yeats


In our daily lives we often talk about our ‘standard of living’ or ‘quality of life’. These measures don’t actually look at the soul quality of our lives. Are we really happy? What’s causing dissatisfaction on a daily basis? Where and how are we growing? What’s the quality of our relationships?


Today I think about my life. I focus on activities that bring me joy. I pay special attention to people who matter to me. I regard relationship activities more than mundane ones. I understand where I must grow. I forgive my past and my current foibles. I AM God’s child and can always start afresh. I forgive others. I feel good about my life. Let’s go!!

Recommendation: Ljving the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

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