How Do I Fix It?

If we have not quiet in our minds, outward comfort will do no more for us than a golden slipper on a gouty foot. John Bunyan


Here’s the amazing thing … We know how to fix most situations, we know what will help and what will soothe … but we’re still not able to do it? Why? Here are some reasons:

  • Lack of correct understanding: We might be aware only of the peripheral issue not the deep seated one.
  • Lack of skill: Don’t know what skills to apply in a given situation.
  • Hypnosis: We’re hypnotized, we live our daily lives like zombies, we keep going like the Energizer Bunny!

rocket science?

It’s not rocket science and once understood effecting positive change in our lives is fairly straight-forward. Will power is not the key. Stay tuned as we explore this whole subject in the coming days.

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM the subject.

Recommendation: Living the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

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