How And Why To Be Meek…

Genuine meekness has no relation to fear. It is rather an attitude of man cooperating with God “Your will be done.” It embraces patience and forbearance and is motivated by an unshakable faith in a lawful and friendly universe.  – The Urantia Papers

‘an attitude’

Meekness and humility go hand-in-hand. It’s an attitude that we don’t know it all. It’s an acquiescence that a greater power, our parent, is in charge. Once that’s accepted then it follows that we should cooperate with God. Is there a better way forward?

‘unshakable faith’

It’ll be hard to cooperate if we’re fearful. Fear really has no place in our lives. We’re the princes and princesses who don’t know that we’re royalty! When everything is said and done, we live in a very friendly and safe universe. God, our Father, created it all, no real harm can ever befall us!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM humble and meek in attitude.

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