How Achieve Our Goals!

To achieve your goal, your life may sound like a perfume counter – full of Passion and Obsession, leading to Joy. John-Roger McWilliams

be fragrant

What is our goal in life? Passion and obsession about any goal will do at least 2 things: Either it’s a goal worth pursuing in which case we’ll be closer to our Life Purpose. Which only leads to more passion and joy! Or we’ll learn a lesson or two during our journey in the pursuit of a goal that eventually turns out to be not that fulfilling, in which case we’ll still be closer to our Life Purpose! Being passionate about any goal ain’t such a bad thing! Let’s go be a fragrant being!


Today I AM Joyous, Obsessed and Passionate about goals worth pursuing! I know I can’t make any wrong decisions. I AM a driven child of God who pays attention to all that’s true, beautiful and good! I AM happy!!

Recommendation: Ljving the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

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