Highest attainments…

Reason, wisdom, and faith are man’s highest human attainments.

The Urantia Papers, (103:9.6)

These attainments have nothing to do with career, business or fame, at least directly; instead they involve those aspects of life that we will carry with us even beyond this life!

These 3 areas cover the major aspects of life:

  • Reason: Is about developing your mind and intellect. Reason guides us regarding the things of this world. A well developed intellect is essential for any kind of worldly achievement. Reason is about IQ.
  • Wisdom: Wisdom is all about finding truth, dealing with others and relationships. And thus is a crucial quality to have, it’s about Emotional Quotient or EQ!
  • Faith: Opens the door to everything else that’s essential to our lives. It’s the path to a life of religion; knowing God or Universal Mind, it leads to the very source of everything. Faith is eventually about LQ, Love Quotient, because the real fruit of ‘true religion’ is the blossoming of a pure love, from within.

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