Forgiving for our own sake…

The forgiving state of mind is a magnetic power for attracting good.Catherine Ponder

Yesterday I mentioned that you can light the candle of love (to remove fear) inside your heart and gain direct access to an endless flow of love from the Universal Source. The ‘how of it’ is done by simply being in a state of forgiveness.

  • Forgive yourself: At the deepest level as well as for the trifles of life.
  • Forgive all: Forgive all those who have wronged you; even those who irritate you and especially those who you resent.

When you do that you open a spiritual channel (even a physical one) where you’re now able to receive actual love from the Divine Source. Try the following specifically:

Sit and try one of the Stillness techniques. Then connect with God (Universal Mind) via prayer. If you don’t believe in a personal God then simply sit after this stillness practice; now start forgiving. As you forgive you’ll feel a corresponding lightness in your body, especially around your heart. This, over time, will allow joy to surge inside you. You will be healed of many physical and psychological ailments.  Repeat daily.

Forgiveness opens you up to receive love, which heals, at the deepest levels. To go all the way, there’s another step, tell you about it tomorrow!

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