Do we imprison self?

We forget that we’re the authors of our own mental state.  – NamasteNow!

our story?

The story is told of a man who lived in a home having mirrors as
walls. Whatever room he entered, he saw himself reflected in a
mirror. He spent his time looking at himself from this angle and
from that viewpoint. Day and night he saw only himself.
At first it was a highly gratifying experience. His own image was
the only thing in the world. Nothing existed outside himself. He
was the sole object of attention and admiration.
But after a while, a strange anxiety set in. The thrill of seeing
only himself turned into a dull habit, then into desperate pain.
What had once been a thrilling gratification had now become a
terror. Loneliness entered. He felt depressed, but worst of all,
he felt trapped.
One day a furious rebellion swept through him. Taking stones, he
hurled them against the mirrors, revealing an entirely new world
on the outside. Having broken his habitual self-imprisonment, he
enjoyed his new world.
Vernon Howard

it’s us

We imprison our own self because we’re constantly lost in thoughts, opinions and comparisons involving us vs. the rest of the world. We weave our own web of self-images and self-incrimination. We get so used to our own thoughts and its impact on us that we forget that we’re the authors of our own mental state. When will we escape this self-styled prison?

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM breaking free!

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