Change Happening!

Change is the law of life.John F. Kennedy

understand the law

Notice the change that’s always in motion. The day passes, we grow older, the keys on a keyboard slowly smoothen out, the sensitivity of our senses and our own awareness of things itself is constantly in flux. So why do we want everything to stay the same [don’t want change]? And what about our desires for new things and experiences all the time [want change]?

the ‘you’ that doesn’t change

If everything’s changing, what is it that’s not changing? The constancy comes from our individuality. Even though we ourselves change and grow all the time, there’s a part of us that instills a sameness to us. Under normal circumstances, whether we awaken from sleep or regain consciousness after losing it, there’s always the ‘us’ that’s there. That’s the lens from which we view all our experiences and changes. It’s the same perspective that can help us stay in the ‘now’ moment. The more we’re in the now moment, the better prepared are we for life as it happens to us.

Affirmation: Today I will stay centered as much as possible. As change occurs I will simply notice it.

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