Be patient…

Be patient. Be wise in your counsel and eloquent in your lives.The Urantia Papers

What does it mean to be patient? To me it means being patient first with yourself. Don’t have expectations that create a life that’s too hectic, one that allows not for true rest and reflection. It also means be patient with all others; don’t want others to live at the same pace you want to live. It means being patient with all other things in life. Flow with life; don’t feel anxious when things don’t transpire just the way you expect them to. Try to see the lesson in everything.

Be wise in your counsel to others; give advice only when asked for it; even then be to the point and apply your words to the person and situation.

Eloquence in our lives comes from living the life that you preach or want to preach. Let others imbibe in what you most want them to know through how you live your life. Words are not necessary.

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