Banish doubts…

Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.Shakespeare

Once we get used to watching where our thoughts spring from next steps can be:

  • Becoming aware of how we get enmeshed in each thought process. When we’re involved in them we’re not being conscious of that activity. When we become aware then that act in itself, helps us distance ourselves from the thought. We notice that we are having these thoughts, we are not the thoughts. This distinction is crucial for our peace of mind.
  • Next notice the quality of these thoughts. Are they the spirit enhancing kind or the opposite? Ferret out thoughts of fear and of doubts. Consciously bring up pleasing thoughts instead or just watch them disappear if you don’t get involved in them and just become aware of them instead.

Both activities above are enhanced by meditation, just 5 minutes twice a day helps! Check out some exercises here. Won’t you do that for yourself?

Banish your doubts, be less fearful and forge ahead!!

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