An Effective You!

YOU must be effective first…

Effective You Launches!

The central premise for this blog is that you must be effective first. You must come first. Then everything else follows. If you can be effective as a human, spouse, parent, child and citizen then the world is well along its way to a recovery. A recovery that can only begin via a personal transformation. That revolution must begin with you! So how can you be effective in all these arenas of life? It’s the goal of this blog to explore just that. We’ll explore the dimensions of personal, professional and ‘leadership’ oriented ways and means.

Personal Effectiveness:

Personal effectiveness is at the heart of all renewal, self-transformation and growth. This category will house articles that help you become more effective mentally, physically, spiritually and in all relationships.

Professional Effectiveness:

The primary focus of this category of articles will be to help you to be more effective at work and in business. This means that you’ll know how to deal with people, which is most important, know how to spend your time efficiently and focus on only that which supports your deep fulfillment as a human being.


Leadership is all about you whether at work, home or play. Each one of us is a leader even if we don’t realize it. What is your impact at work, on colleagues, subordinates or management? What are the defining characteristics of real leaders? What is your leadership style? What is Management? Check this category out for answers to such questions.

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