Affirmations For Healthy Living 5

29) I am connected to the earth and the safe foundation it provides for my future growth. —Isha Lerner

30) My body is one of the most precious gifts I will ever receive, an extraordinary creation that I cherish and use fully.

31) When I eat natural, fresh foods rather than processed ones, I feel more connected to the earth and the hands that grew it, and I am grateful…

32) Just as I rid my diet of toxins, I also eliminate negativity from my emotions and thoughts…

33) All desire for cigarettes (or alcohol or whatever it is you’re addicted to) has left me, and I am free. —Louise Hay

34) Today I eat only foods that are life enhancing. —Louise Hay

34 Affirmations for Healthy Living

healthy living

Last in the series! Affirmations are an important technique for helping us live the life we desire and deserve. Let’s use this tool generously for our own benefit!


Today I AM healthy because I affirm my way to great health. I breathe in deeply, eat healthy food and drink lot’s of water. I AM healthy, now!

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