What is Success?

Mercy is denied to the successful, for they are incapable of knowing the very beauty of life which is love. - J Krishnamurti

what does this mean!?

At first this quote is perplexing, it was to me, then as I reread the paragraph from Krishnamurti’s writings, reproduced further below, here’s my take…

Krishnamurti talks about the encumbrances that come from ‘success’ and its trappings. We want to be successful and that according to him ‘prevents humility’. Unless we can be free of such artificial constructs that weigh us down, our mind cannot experience life as it is. When free of such thought patterns we can experience life as it is, in the current moment. We can then also experience true love (and beauty) which is only present in the here and now. This is the essential Krishnamurti teaching as I understand it…

rest of the quote

Any achievement, whether of the individual or of the collective, becomes a means to power. Success in this world, and the power that self-control and self-denial bring, are to be avoided; for both distort understanding. It is the desire for success that prevents humility; and without humility how can there be understanding? The man of success is hardened, self-enclosed; he is burdened with his own importance, with his responsibilities, achievements and memories. There must be freedom from self-assumed responsibilities and from the burden of achievement; for that which is weighed down cannot be swift, and to understand requires a swift and pliable mind…Mercy is denied to the successful, for they are incapable of knowing the very beauty of life which is love.- Commentaries on Living Series I Chapter 33, Power

Daily Affirmation: Today I just AM and therefore successful.

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