Your Word

Hold firmly to your word.Maimonides


Promises that you make to others and yourself are important. They represent a creation that emerges from you. They reflect intention and thought. The words you speak to yourself, become your life programming. Often these words and promises are uttered by you even when you’re not fully conscious of them. So watch what you create, watch what words you use and watch carefully what you explicitly or implicitly promise others or self!


Hold to your word but not to your own detriment. Stay flexible. As you become more aware of the words that you create and the self-programming that you allow to happen, become increasingly intentional about it. That way you’re aware of what you do to yourself, you’ll know where flexibility is necessary or where you must keep your word.

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM my word. I will watch what I feed myself.

Recommendation: Living the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

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