Your Original Medicine

No one else has the same configuration of life experience and perspective that you hold. This is your “original medicine,” nowhere else duplicated.Gail Larsen

your ticket

Your ticket to life’s goodness, bounty, happiness and fulfillment is your own uniqueness. Your essence, your individuality, is your ‘original medicine’ according to Gail Larsen.

original medicine

This term comes from a Native Indian tradition of North America. You need to find and claim your ‘original medicine’ if you want to enjoy life. According to the Urantia Papers there are up to 7 trillion inhabited planets in a small portion of the Universe that we inhabit. If that were true, imagine the sheer number of individuals in the Universe! Well, you are unique amongst them all!

Affirmation: Today I AM thankful for my uniqueness. I focus on what only I can offer to the world.

Recommendation: Transformational Speaking by Gail Larsen

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