Your Body

Know that your body is the temple of the living God; there you may seek communion. There you may seek counsel as to the choices to be made, the directions to be taken. Edgar Cayce

setting the stage

Step back for a moment.

See yourself, observe your body, examine your place in your family, society and on this planet. What is your ultimate purpose? If it is to discover reality, find happiness and realize whence you came, then you must set the stage first. Setting the stage means that your mind and your body must be in good shape. How do you get there? Next steps?

making contact

If reality (God) resides within us, what do we think it/he is doing there? What does this mean to us? What if anything will we do about it? Lot’s to think and journal about!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM a powerhouse of health and vibrancy!

Recommendation: God Is Closer Than You Think

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