Why We Must Author Our Lives…

The rest of our life is unwritten.  – Namaste Now!


We can choose to direct the remainder of our lives. We are authors of our experience to a large extent. To the degree that we believe and accept this principle will we impact our lives through our thinking and intentions.


Life is a greater adventure when we realize how much of our lives we hold in our hands. What will we choose? What will we create? And to what end? As we think through such questions we may wonder about the role ‘God’ plays in our adventure. God is the master architect of this adventure. We are fellow project managers with a purview over our own domains. To the extent that we participate in the overall march of events we will experience greater fulfillment. The Universe is infinitely creative and will take full advantage of whatever we venture to undertake!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM the author of my life!

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