Why We Are Never Alone…

… I have come to show you that, while you are seeking to find God, God is likewise seeking to find you.The Urantia Papers

a search

We are all on a search. It may not be for God, it might be to fulfill a deep desire that we don’t quite understand. We are constantly reaching for something. We know we’re on a journey but the path is surrounded with mist and we don’t quite know where we are…

a longing

God is our parent. She seeks us constantly, even when we don’t realize it. By finding us she completes a purpose quite unknown to us. But certainly it must be like a mother finding and hugging her baby! It’s a two-way street, we are not stranded on this planet alone and without direction. If we just pause and become still the constant love, guidance and inspiration that flows our way will become more evident!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM aware that God seeks me!

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