Why It’s All Up To Us!!

Do you not realize that the hope of a better nation — or a better world — is bound up in the progress and enlightenment of the individual?  – Jesus, The Urantia Papers

up to us

Let’s focus on us. We need to change. Unless we change nothing else changes. Let’s forget about fixing others or being angry at the world and the politicians. The time is ripe, the time is now!

how to change?

Self-knowledge, an increasing self-awareness is the only way. We all want a better life and a world safe for all. Let’s put our attention squarely on self and solicit divine guidance (which is ever present). Next steps become abundantly clear when we make the firm decision to change for the better, to be more loving and to be of service to others…

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM changing for the better!

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