Why History Repeats Itself…

Our difficulty is to make the mind revolve slowly so that each thought-feeling can be followed and understood. What is deeply and thoroughly understood will not repeat itself. Krishnamurti

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Our mind is a whirlwind of thoughts. It’s constantly in motion and often spins around the same set of thoughts. That is the essential cause for us repeating personal and societal histories. Becoming aware of that movement of thoughts is the first step we can take toward gaining mastery over our mind and therefore the course of our life.

slow motion living

We’re all told that we should practice living in the moment. But how can we do that? Let’s consider the idea of ‘slow motion’ living. To achieve mindfulness and present-centeredness, we just need to slow down. Let’s take more deliberate steps while walking, breathe deeply and with intent, notice something fully and watch our thoughts. When our body has slowed down, because of our deeper breathing, our mind follows. We can then watch our thoughts, our reactions, our hopes and our desires. By watching, by becoming aware, we can deeply understand self. Only wisdom and happiness can result from that…

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM a deep breather.

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