Why Fear Must be Banished!!

The key to change … is to let go of fear.Roseanne Cash

the grand scheme

Because of our animal origin (evolution) and uncertain place in the Universe we live in fear. Maybe not the ‘grand’ scheme but part of the purpose of Life and of this Universe is to give us opportunities to banish fear. Look at anything happening in our lives. We have relationship issues because of what we fear the other might do, say or think. We have fear about our jobs, our health, our well being etc. Why should we get rid of this fear? Love cannot exist where fear does. Love feels a lot better than fear Smile!God wants his children to live in peace and in love. In love we can be truly connected to each other and build wholesome relationships. That, is an end in itself; which is why fear must be erased!

love not fear

To understand why we fear, to increase our self-knowledge of why we act and think the way we do, is important. Even more important is to allow love to flourish in our beings. We must become gentle, loving and kind beings. That is the sure way to transform self and eventually the planet. Let’s pledge to love self and others whole-heartedly!

Daily Affirmation: Today I banish fear through love.

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