Why Demon Worship Is Good…

Transformation is … a practice in facing your own created demons. Victoria Erickson


We run away from our deepest and darkest secrets. How, you might ask? By somehow pushing them into our subconscious mind. And we’re unable to truly transform and change unless we face these very demons. And how you might ask is that done? At least in a couple of the following ways.

1) When we meditate regularly all these ‘dark’ thoughts and traumas make their way up into our waking consciousness. We can then ‘process’ them by simply becoming aware of them and letting them be.

2) Another way they surface is in our relationships with others. If we watch carefully others will appear to mirror to us all that we don’t care to face. If we do notice that happening then we may simply ‘watch’ such occurrences or ‘forgive‘ the others for what they appear to do to us.