Why Are We Not Loved?

What does it mean to you to allow another person to fully love you? 

our deepest need

We often feel that we aren’t loved. We feel lonely and neglected. We don’t feel important. Why is life so tough we think. Why me?

Our deepest need is to receive selfless and unblemished love. We want to be nurtured and treasured. Where can we find such love?

opening to love

Sorry, more questions…

What part to do we play in all this? Why do we close self to others’ care? Where do we feel inadequate and undeserving? Where do we sense a guilt inside us? Do we push others and even God away? When will we stop this self-sabotage? How can we receive love? How can we open self to God?

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM a receiver of bountiful love…

Recommendation: Deep Meditation for Healing by Anita Moorjani

Deep Meditation for HealingKindle Fire, Full Color 7