Who Was Kabir?

Says Kabir
Don’t be so proud and vain
Looking at your high mansion
Death makes one lie on bare land
And grass will grow thereon.



Kabir, a.k.a. Kabira was a famous mystic of India in the 14th/15th centuries. His name comes from the Arabic ‘al-kabira’ which means ‘the great’ and is one of the 99 names for God in Islam. He wrote inspiring couplets in the Hindi of that time. His influence is still strong on popular Indian music and his couplets are studied diligently in most North Indian schools…

pride & humility

We often hear that ‘pride cometh before the fall’. It sure can. We’ve seen in many instances that when we are haughty and certain, Life inserts its own plans into our midst. The antidote is to rely on the greater power, God. The supreme being, has the broadest view possible and can guide us, if we but allow, towards the greater good. Humility is key…

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM humble.

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