Where Does Our Time Go?

What you choose to dedicate your time to matters, not just for you but for all those who are affected by the withholding or the deliverance of your unique gifts. What are you dedicating your time to?Debbie Ford

precious commodity

Time is the ultimate resource. We use time when we move, breathe, think and have our existence. So it makes sense that we make sense of how we spend our time. What are we spending our time on? 


Purpose, Life Purpose even, comes from having meaning in life. If our lives are meaningful, then that means we’re using our unique gifts to achieve fulfilling objectives. And the two must be tied. We must first discover our gifts, what we bring to the world, and then figure out what to do with our gifts. The goal itself doesn’t have to be fancy from a world-viewpoint. Using loving nurture to raise a family is as noble a life purpose as discovering the next big thing in science or government. We all matter, as does our time, so let’s choose deliberately!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM the author of my day.

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