When There’s Nothing Else to Know…

7.1 Hear now, Arjuna, how thou shalt have the full vision of me, if thy heart is set on me and if, striving for Yoga, I am thy refuge supreme.

7.2 And I will speak to thee of that wisdom and vision which, when known, there is nothing else for thee to know.The Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 7)

for the asking

The goal of the ages is obtainable just for the asking. This book reveals that when the pupil is ready the teacher appears; when we ask we’re given. That’s especially true if we seek the ‘kingdom of God’ within because then everything else that’s spiritually necessary to achieve this ultimate goal is added onto our lives.

the greatest knowledge

The greatest knowledge is that which:

  • Allows us to live happy and fulfilling lives today
  • Helps us understand reality and our place in it
  • Clarifies for us where we’re headed

According to this ‘bible’ of the Hindus, when we seek ‘Yoga’ (union) with ultimate reality (God) then we start a chain of events that ultimately leads us to the very doorstep of All That Is.

Daily Affirmation: Today I seek God.

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