What’s The Meaning Of This Moment?

The more significance you give the moment, the more the moment has the opportunity to be significant.Sunirmalya

the moment

This moment is significant. It’s important because we’re here, right now. It’s where our focus is, it’s where we’re present, it’s all we can experience. As we’ve heard; the past is history, the future is a mystery so all we have is right now, which is why it’s called the Present. It’s a present to us… what will we make of it?


We find meaning in life by attributing meaning to everything that happens to us. If someone becomes ill we try to understand why that occurred. We think about that person’s genes, lifestyle, possibly their Karma, what they might be attracting to themselves, the environment and many other influences. We try to understand an event the best we can by giving it meaning. So what’s our choice for this moment? It is a choice we make. It can be a ‘choice’ based on our conditioning or it can be a free-willed creation, in the moment. We can choose and create, it’s up to us what meaning we bestow to this precious and holy moment called Now.

Daily Affirmation: Today I create in the moment…

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