What’s Our ‘Default Future’?

If we don’t change direction soon, we’ll end up where we’re going.  – Professor Irwin Corey

our ‘default future’

What general direction are we headed with regard to our physical, mental and spiritual lives? What will our default future be if don’t change anything today? Sometimes we feel that the future will take care of itself. Actually it does do that, all we have to do is fine-tune our present. We must be happy and healthy now as far as possible, then the future takes care of itself. Better to change direction as needed, NOW!


I AM taking care of my intentions and objectives today so that the future I create is beautiful! I never worry but do my best today. I live a conscious life that’s guided by the divine pilot. I have faith and cruise through life smiling.

Recommendation: ving the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

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