What To Handle Boredom?

Dream different dreams while on the same bed.Chinese Proverb


What should we do when we feel bored? Here’s a suggestion, ask some questions:

  • What would we rather do?
  • What is this state of feeling bored?
  • What are we really seeking?
  • What’s missing?


What we often don’t use is our amazing faculty of imagination! Remember, each moment of our lives is brand new and unique. Never again will such a moment ever come into being! That idea is mind boggling! Change is ever-present, time is passing, so where are we in all this??

The same mind that claims its bored can be turned on its figurative head! Let’s use our power of imagination to dream up a life that’s even worthier of living. Let’s dream up goals that are worth pursuing. It’s only when we think small that we tend to get bored. Let’s unleash the power of this moment, NOW!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM fully present!

Recommendation: Moments in Between: The Art of the Quiet Mind
by David Kundtz

Moments in Between: The Art of the Quiet MindKindle Fire, Full Color 7