What The Soul Yearns For…

The soul is kissed by God in its innermost regions.

With interior yearning, grace and blessing are bestowed.

It is a yearning to take on God’s gentle yoke,

It is a yearning to give one’s self to God’s Way.Hildegard of Bingen

opening up

As we become more still and as we enjoy the harmony that comes from such stillness we draw closer to that which is, inside us. That’s the place where our soul, our essence, comes in direct contact with God. Such harmony and stillness is not even possible unless we open up and give ourselves up to such an encounter. With our permission the path starts to become paved…

god’s way

The way of God is gentle. God is our parent and knows us more thoroughly than we can know anyone or anything. She prods us very gently towards her way, towards love, acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude. The result is beautiful. We find love, joy and poetry in the apparently commonplace prose that is life.

Daily Affirmation: Today I become God’s poetry.

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